Viewfinder Sonoscope

TunedCity Messene
Alexandros Drymonitis (Artist), Carsten Stabenow + René Rissland (Konzept)

Behind the visual reality of a city, another dimension rich in sounds awaits to transform Ancient Messine into an auditory experience. As visual identities change through the course of time what remains are the stories that create the history of what lays beneath the small village of Mavromati. The viewfinder is the medium that reveals the untold, transforming the ancient site into a sound composition of elements laying within and at given spaces, like the theater, the agora, the stadium, the palestra and the Asklepieion. What lays behind a space with a given identity? The question isn’t about how the city sounded in the past but how it transforms through sound into a new era and consequently offering a new experience to the visitor. A collection of compositions, interviews, soundscapes and art projects made for Tuned City Ancient Messine create an interactive sound map. The visitor using the view finder looks from above the ruins that transform through sound to a contemporary archive of sound compositions and stories. This is a gift from the artists of Tuned City to the village of Mavromati. A monument made to remember the days and actions paying great respect to the glorious past of Ancient Messine and its contemporary inhabitants.