Expeditions in a Specific Territory #1

Expeditions in a Specific Territory - Expediciones en Territorio Específico
Kerstin Ergenzinger (DE), Nika Schmitt (NL), Carsten Stabenow (DE), Fernando Godoy (CL), Eugenia González (UY), Leonello Zambón (AR), Lourdes Silva (UY), Pol Villasuso (UY), Cristian Espinoza (CL), René Rissland (DE)

In the old secondary port of Montevideo, a curious and paradigmatic characteristic manifests itself: the grids and morphologies of this beautiful centuries-old city with discreet, elegant architectures and steeped in history; a new global port is assembled on the edge in De La Plata river, mechanical lattice monsters standardized by world freight traffic come in scene.

This radical encounter between the global and the local materialized as a technical border between water and land appears as a collision. Territorial issue that gives physical clues to the contradictions we inhabit as a new post-industrial, neo-extractivist and hyper-mercantile era, choreographed by financial bots, minute by minute, from eccentric corporate centers to this port.   We placed ourselves – understanding post-pandemic care as the new skin of the body – on the uncertain and unexpected edges between the old port city and the new global distribution machines. These porous and little calculated thicknesses where the contradictory encounter between two systems and cultural scales is clearly manifested are the ones that we want to be put into dialogue.


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